The Candover Ride

The committee of The Candover Ride would like to thank the following companies and individuals who have helped make The Candover Ride possible, these include but are not limited to:



Experience and reliability

Rawlings Fuels is an independent supplier of fuel oils. Being independent is very rare in the heating oil market today, but our independence means that we can offer very competitive prices compared to other suppliers, who are tied into contracts with major suppliers.

Here at Rawlings Fuels, we haven’t lost the personal touch. We know all customers have their concerns over a delivery, whether it’s a stiff gate or the possibility of a pet escaping, our drivers will adhere to all requirements so the smallest impact is felt by the customer.  We deliver to domestic and commercial customers, including farms and agricultural companies, ensuring you have the fuel when you need it

Great prices and fast delivery

We operate a fleet of modern oil tankers, fully equipped with trackers, reversing cameras, extra-long hoses and a rear-steer facility meaning that very few places prove to be inaccessible.  Because of our size we are able to offer a lot of flexibility and this can work to the customers’ advantage if they require a fast or specifically - timed delivery.

We cannot be found on any price comparison websites so pick up the phone today and call us to see what rates we can offer.


Call us today on 01256 761612




LOOS for DOs

Based in Hampshire we are in the perfect location to supply the South of England as well as London. With our range of lovely loos and showers we are able to cater for all event requirements; whether a small gathering in your garden or a 3 day festival for 80,000 people LOOS FOR DOs will be able to offer a perfect solution.

With over 30 years experience in the event industry you can expect us to be very professional, honest and work with you to ensure that your event is a success. We must be doing something right as people do just keep on coming back!